Monday, April 25, 2011

Darling campaign finance update

The Government Accountability Board (GAB) handles fundraising for these recalls in an interesting way - they required fundraising reports from earlier in the year to be turned in just last week, and required reporting from the last month up to April 18 to be handed in today. This gives us a rapid fire glimpse into how these campaigns are handling the fundraising challenges

Alberta Darling continues her fundraising rampage, raising more than $230,000 in the latest period. She's also spent nearly $190,000 so far. Of that, $65,000 has been spent on radio, $75,000 on direct mail, upwards of $20,000 on campaign consultants, $15,000 on polling, and she's not skimping on the hors d'oeuvres at her fundraisers, spending thousands of dollars on a few events.

Notable donations:

  • $7,000 from Albert Nicholas of Nicholas Funds
  • $2,500 from Donald Taylor of Waukesha State Bank
  • $2,500 from Ted Kellner of Fiduciary Management, and $20,000 from his conduit
  • $1,000 from Craig Leipold, Management of the NHL's Minnesota Wild
  • A second personal gift of $10,000 from Daniel McKeithan of Tamarack Petroleum
    • $20,000 for him on the year.
Rep. Sandy Pasch, good luck to you!

4/28: A helpful write up from the Journal-Sentinel is here.

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