Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The lineup

Here are the races we have so far, now that all filing deadlines have past (edit: except Julie Lassa!)

In the 18th Senate District, Republican Senator Randy Hopper v. Jessica King, Oshkosh alder and attorney.

In the 32nd Senate District, Republican Senator Dan Kapanke v. Democratic State Rep. Jennifer Shilling.

In the 8th Senate District, Republican Senator Alberta Darling v. Democratic State Rep. Sandy Pasch.

In the 10th, Republican Senator Sheila Harsdorf v. Shelly Moore, a teacher and WEAC representative to the NEA.

In the 14th, Republican Senator Luther Olsen v. Democratic State Rep. Fred Clark.

In the 2nd, Republican Senator Bob Cowles, who will face former Brown County Executive Nancy Nusbaum.

In the 12th, Democratic Senator Tim Holperin, who will face Kim Simac, head of the Northwoods Patriots tea party organization. See my analysis here.

In the 22nd, Democratic Senator Bob Wirch will face Kenosha County Board Vice Chairman Fred Ekornaa in the event of a recall. The late Judge Bill Pocan, father of Assemblyman Mark Pocan, was found to have signed a recall petition from beyond the grave. This is certain to draw attention to all the signatures filed.

In the 30th, Democratic Senator Dave Hansen hasn't yet drawn an opponent. Loud rumors abound that after a review of signatures is complete, as many as 40% of the signatures may be invalidated.


  1. Hi fellow Recall Blogger,

    Glad to see your site. I'm covering the national recall scene, but wanted to point you to this post that could get tested:

  2. Thanks Josh, and you're right - we've already seen that the recall against Randy Hopper in the 18th SD will be a rematch.

    The 8th SD was a near-miss on that front, with a lot of rumors circulating that the candidate from 2008, former Assembly Rep. Sheldon Wasserman, would run, but this did not come to pass.